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About Blitzed Magazine

Blitzed Magazine, released every other month, is a vibrant homage to the revolutionary New Romantic movement that originated from the iconic 1980s London hotspot, the Blitz Club. This club was the cradle of an artistic renaissance, influencing not just the music scene but also the fashion and cultural expressions of the time. Today, Blitzed stands as a contemporary beacon, celebrating the musical and cultural phenomena that have been inspired by that transformative era. The content is timeless.

Blitzed Magazine has proudly hosted conversations with industry titans like Andy McCluskey of OMD, Martyn Ware of Heaven 17, and Rusty Egan, co-founder of the Blitz Club, among others. Our pages are a mosaic of influential figures from David Bowie to the Pet Shop Boys and emerging talents inspired by the Blitz spirit. This eclectic mix honours the classics and introduces the avant-garde, making Blitzed Magazine the definitive chronicle of music’s everlasting influence.

Content That Connects

Each edition of Blitzed is a curated experience of music, art, fashion, and film from the 80s to the now. It’s crafted for those who lived through the 80s and those who wish they had, offering insights, retrospectives, and forward-looking perspectives. From exclusive interviews to expert commentary, Blitzed engages a community of readers committed to the live music scene, from intimate gigs to grand concerts.

Reader Opinions:

A few days ago, I picked up a copy of Blitzed; two train journeys later, I had read it from start to finish and re-read some articles again. I am a big believer that there is lots of great new and old music out there that is still to be listened to for the first time, and Blitzed provided the map and the keys to these new sounds – a must-buy

I used to think that credible music expertise is hard (if not impossible) to find these days- however, Blitzed has proved me completely wrong and is now my go-to source – very highly recommended

If you had told me a few months ago that I would be subscribing to a bi-monthly music magazine, I would have said that you are mad – however, that was before I picked up a copy of Blitzed. After reading a few pages, I instantly knew that this was the music guide and voice that I had been looking for, and though and behold, I am now a subscriber – 100% recommend