2023 proved to be an exceptional year in music with some standout releases from a wide variety of acts. The pages of Blitzed featured a wealth of album reviews across the year which included some established acts as well as new talents. Here, we present (in no particular order) our choices of the best albums of 2023…

DEPECHE MODE – Memento Mori
“…it becomes clear this isn’t an album of multiple peaks, so no, it’s not another Violator, but then few records by anyone are. What we do get is a consistency that’s been lacking from Depeche Mode for a long time.”

In issue 8 of Blitzed, we reviewed new Depeche Mode album Memento Mori.

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OMD – Bauhaus Staircase
Bauhaus Staircase is a surprisingly emotional album that has a warmth and humanity lurking at the heart of its electronic foundations….”

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark returned with their critically-acclaimed new album which tackled themes of politics, art, film noir and extinction. In issue 10, we reviewed the album and also spoke to OMD’s Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys.

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VINCE CLARKE – Songs of Silence
“…as dark and poignant as Songs of Silence appears to be on the surface, there’s always a sense of optimism or possibility lurking in the depths.”

Vince Clarke’s solo album was a strange, introspective affair marked out by the sober ‘The Lamentations of Jeremiah’, although tracks such as ‘White Rabbit’ offered up a more frenetic approach. In issue 11, we reviewed the album.

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MAGNETIC SKIES – Empire Falling
Magnetic Skies delivered some energetic synth-pop delights on debut album Empire Falling. From the sweeping glory of ‘Into Paradise’ through to the shimmering ‘Suffocate’ and the weighter ‘Fading Lights’, the album marked a band worth watching. In issue 11, we reviewed the album.

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DURAN DURAN – Danse Macabre
“…Danse Macabre is sound of Duran Duran getting their own back, of a band ripping up the rule book that so often comes with covers albums and throwing it in their critics’ faces.”

Duran Duran’s Halloween-themed album blended original songs with a choice selection of covers resulting in a theatrical affair that caught your attention. We reviewed the album in issue 11.

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NATION OF LANGUAGE – Strange Disciple
Strange Disciple is probably the band’s most confessional release to date – at times it even verges on spiritual…”

Nation of Language ‘s third album Strange Disciple featured in issue 10 of Blitzed and the synth-pop outfit didn’t disappoint.

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LADYTRON – Time’s Arrow
“Themes of cultural collapse and the curious nature of time wrap themselves up on a series of exquisite electronic compositions. It’s an album that offers up an older, definitely wiser incarnation of Ladytron.”

Ladytron returned with new album Time’s Arrow. We reviewed the album in issue 6 – and also spoke to the band themselves on their latest outing.

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GRAHAM PARKER – Last Chance To Learn The Twist
“…an accomplished album that darts around with rock and R&B elements, yet always with a sense of wit and introspection.”

Veteran rocker Graham Parker delivered a solid album via Big Stir Records that invoked the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alongside a sense of wit as well as a well-placed human element. In issue 11, we reviewed the album and also spoke to Graham Parker in an exclusive interview.

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Sacred Figures is a haunting, evocative electronic journey that also asks deeper questions about the human condition.”

The musical partnership between Steven Jones & Logan Sky has its roots in a shared history with the legendary Steve Strange. It’s a journey that’s now led to their sixth album with songs that at times are tinged with a certain melancholic quality and at others, an uplifting essence.

In issue 9 of Blitzed, we reviewed the album and also spoke to Steven Jones and Logan Sky for an exclusive interview.

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“…oozes style and substance and deserves to be heard far and wide.”

In issue 8, we reviewed new Cult With No Name album X into I.

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SCENIUS – Life Is A Thing
“On Life Is A Thing, that combination of memorable electronic melodies, warm analogue sounds and an unmistakeable 21st Century style suggests that Scenius are easily capable of appealing to audiences of several flavours.”

In issue 8 of Blitzed, we reviewed the new album from Scenius.

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THE DAMNED – Darkadelic
“Darkadelic is a joy to behold and is a must have…”

The Damned ‘s latest album measured up to the band’s extensive legacy. We reviewed the album in issue 9.

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