Blitzed Magazine

The concept of Blitzed Magazine started as a music publication. Music they played there, bands who met there and artists who continue to be inspired by the club.As well as the people who went (or wished they had!)As things have progressed we’ve realised that the ‘cult with no name’ means so much more. It inspired fashion and lifestyle, helped to promote a more inclusive society sexually and produced some of the icons of the last 40 years.

This first issue is very much the beginning of a homage, a love affair, a lexicon of memories to inspire and remind people of the scene’s wide-ranging and important effect on many different industries and lifestyles.Should you have pictures, reminiscences or want to suggest something for a future issue, even contribute, let us know! This isn’t an exploitation it’s a celebration. Of all things ‘ Blitzed’ and wonderful.

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