Modern Romance tackle music industry dramas

“The streaming services just take the piss frankly…”

Pop outfit Modern Romance powered through the 1980s through their shrewd combination of pop and Latin-American styles. As a result, the band achieved chart success on the back of singles such as ‘Everybody Salsa’, ‘Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey’ and ‘Queen of the Rapping Scene’.

More recently Modern Romance, under the guiding hand of Andy Kyriacou, has seen the band in action on the popular 1980s pop festival circuit. Blitzed sat down with Andy to discuss legal tussles, health issues and the ongoing problems that COVID have brought to the music scene.

“It’s been hard. The music industry was the first to get closed down and the last to open. I was able to do some online things with my daughter Natalie Grace (also one of my backing singers), but frankly the pandemic was a disaster, as it was for so many artists and the very few gigs I’ve managed to do since have only just about kept my head above water (thank god for the popularity of Let’s Rock!). I think people think that just because you had major hits 40 years ago you must be rolling in it!”

The topic of streaming culture is also one that Andy has strong opinions about. “The streaming services just take the piss frankly. You might as well call me the ‘modern day Dirty Harry‘ – “Go ahead take my pay!” They make millions from our work, our talent, and it seems no one challenges them.”

To read more on Modern Romance’s adventures, check out our exclusive interview with Andy Kyriacou in the latest issue of Blitzed, out Friday 21st January.